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Texas LEGO User Group: San Antonio Chapter
General Contact Information

  • Email: texlugsa at gmail dot com

Stefan Garcia

  • Email: sastrei at gmail dot com
  • Phone: 269-779-0971

Christopher MacDougald – Founder

  • Email: crmacd at gmail do com
  • Phone: 210-316-2396

4 Responses to Contact Information

  1. Jamal Tabeb says:

    Innterested in lego bulk purchase program if you participate.

  2. Ryan Heron says:

    I am looking for a specific Lego part, a swivel gear. Do you know of anywhere in San Antonio that might sell specific, individual Lego parts?
    Thx, Ryan

    • sgarcia says:

      No location in San Antonio that I know of. Your best bet would be It’s set up similar to Ebay and their “buy it now” fixed prices. I’m not sure the part you’re referring to, but here’s an example:
      I personally have bought from several bricklink vendors before without issue, however TexLUG is not affiliated with BrickLink in any way and does not endorse or sponsor them.

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